Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dear Members of APUDG,
Yesterday I have issued a notice informing all of you that we shall be playing Musical Chair once again. I had intended to send that notice together with this email but somehow, I was rushing and just requested Hamsiah to just paste it up with immediate effect.

I guess for the staff that has been in APUDG for a long time, you must be wondering what I am up to, we have played musical chair t
wice within less than a year but had never played the game even once since we move into the Mentari Office. Some of you have become very comfortable within your space and feels very reluctant to move.

Actually thats the actual problem, w hen we get too comfortable, we tend to live through the days and take our surrounding environment for granted. Musical Chair allows you to 'Change/Swap Places' - see things differently from different angles of the office, allows you to interact with new neighbours and this to me will create a healthier working environment.

In this Musical Chair, I mixed some of the Technical staff with the planners, this is too allow both parties to observe how the other person works, understand and most importantly appreciate and respect for each others contribution in projects. They are not placed in any special order but it is to en sure better rapport among all of you. Again do not try to rationalise the swapping as it was done by me quite randomly without much thought to any form of arrangements.

With Imran coming back, I though it will be timely to play the game as I have to make space for him too. So Members - TAKE THIS IN GOOD SPIRIT...........There is no other wishes but only Good Intentions from me.

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